Why are you here

It's just like the name says: TAG. It stands for Tactical Airsoft Gear. We are here to provide affordable airsoft accesories and gear for all airsoft players and the airsoft community. TAG airsoft is by the airsoft players for the airsoft players. Our only goal is to provide affordable airsoft accessories and gear to all airsoft players regardless of level and experience.

New products


TAG Airsoft Propane Adapter & 1oz Silicone Oil

The Airsoft Propane Adaptor is compatible with the most widely used disposable propane tanks. Plastic and reuseable, this accessory will allow you to utilize propane as a propellant.

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TAG Airsoft Silicone Oil 2 Oz. Bottle

TAG Airsoft silicone oil is low viscosity oil which provides an ideal sealing and lubricating film coating for rubber parts. Do not use WD-40 or other oiil based lubricants on your airsoft guns!

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Green Gas 1000 mL HFC 22 Airsoft Gas

1000ml HFC-22 Green Gas for Gas Airsoft Guns (Such as KWC, KJW, HFC, KWA). Don't fall for other green gases that are half the volume of gas in the same size bottle: Our bottles have 24 oz. of green gas.

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“I am really happy with my order! I ordered Airsoft battery 8,4 Volts and shipped it out the same day. Really great!”

Phil R.


“I put the battery on charger and now i am ready to use my gun. Thanks you are great.”

John A.


“Everything I asked for came on time, which seems like a lot to ask for with many of the other online airsoft manufacturers out there. I really appreciate your services. Thanks”

Mike H.


"I have been enjoying your products for years.. Your items are fantastic! I'll be shopping with you guys for as long as I am playing airsoft!"

Scott S.